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Acyrlic Studs pkg of 5

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Weight: 0.1 Grams
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Our acrylic studs for leather are available in many beautiful colors such as red, pink, yellow, light blue, dark blue, purple, light green, dark green, orange, and clear. These round studs are 1/2-inch diameters. The acrylic round studs look great when making studded leather wristbands, studded dog collars, studded belts, leather jackets and many other leather products. These decorative studs can set in leather as thin as garment leather to as thick as 8-9 oz thick belt leather (8/64-inch to 9/64-inch thick).

The colorful acrylic stud come in a metal ring which is made of nickel plated solid brass which will not rust if wet. Therefore they are great for studded leather items that are exposed to rain or water. like dog collars, cases and motorcycle bags.

There are two legs on each acrylic stud that must be pushed through slits in the leather and bent over. You can make the slits in the leather with sewing awl, lacing chisel or a spot tool. Bend the stud legs over and push them back into the leather with needle nose pliers.

Watch the following leather craft instructional video on how to set studs in leather.