Leather Videos

On Leather Crafting, Leather Tools, Custom Leather Products


Custom Guitar Straps Video

Leathersmith Designs makes personalized custom guitar straps. Some of the processes used to craft the custom leather guitar straps are shown along with the beautiful finished leather guitar straps worn by musicians. Order your personalized guitar straps custom made the way you want.


Custom Leather Shop - Our Story Video

The story of how Leathersmith Designs custom leather shop started and grew since 1975. Meet the team of leathercraft workers at our custom leather store and learn what personalized leather products we make such as guitar straps, belts, wallets, coin purses, dog collars and iPhone cases. See our leather tools and leather machinery being used in leather craft work. Learn more about our custom leather crafters staff.



How To Set Rivets In Leather Video

Learn how to set rivets in leather in order to make leather craft projects. Leathersmith Designs rivets leather with rapid rivets and shows which tools are used to rivet leather. Order your leather rivets and rivet tools.



How To Punch Holes In Leather Video

Learn how to punch holes in leather to make leather craft projects. Leathersmith Designs punches round holes and oblong holes for belts with leather tools. Punch holes for buckles, rivets and snaps. Order your leather hole punch tools such as rotary punches, round drive punch sets and oblong hole punches.



Custom Leather Dog Collars & Leashes Video

Custom leather dog collars, personalized leashes and studded collars are shown being made by the crafts people at Leathersmith Designs. See our customer's dogs wearing beautiful personalized leather collars. Order your leather dog collars custom made to the way you want.



Leather Money Belts Video

Leathersmith Designs makes personalized money belts. Some of the processes used to craft the custom money belts are shown along with the features reviewed of leather money belts. Money belts for men and women are shown hiding bills and jump drive. Order your leather money belts with long zippers.


Genuine Leather Belts & Full Grain Leather Belts

What is meant by a real leather belt when you purchase it at a store?  Jamie explains leather terminology and dissects belts that people brought into his shop that were purchased elsewhere.  Full grain leather belts and other belt qualities are compared and discussed.


Leather Shop - The Big Move

Leathersmith Designs outgrew the leather shop by 1999.  To deal with this, we had the leather shop actually lifted over trees, over another building and moved across town to sit on a new location next to a larger newly renovated leather workshop. 


Braided Leather Dog Collars

Custom-made handcrafted dog collars are shown being hand braided with leather lace. 


How To Braid Leather With Three Laces

This leather braiding technique is demonstrated in this leather craft tutorial.