Custom Work

Custom Work

Custom Leather Work & Custom Leather Products

Most leather products crafted by Leathersmith Designs can have your name or initials embossed which you can view and order under our category heading at the top of the page "Handmade Leather Goods". This option to imprint a name can be done online through our leather store as you have numerous options as well for choices in color, designs, hardware, decorations and sizes to customize your personalized guitar straps, name belts, monogrammed wallets or custom dog collars. There is also the choice to leave the items plain as well without any imprinting.
More About Our Custom Leather Work
We also produce other quality leather goods in large quantities and manufacture advertising specialties such as imprinted key tags, coasters and bookmarks which you can view at the category heading at the top of the page "Promotional Leather Products". These corporate leather products are great for promoting your company, organization or event.

However we can also individually make leather cases and other unique custom leather products to order one at a time which are not shown on our web site. If you can't find a leather case to fit your item, we can hand make custom leather knife cases, leather tool cases and leather electronic instrument cases for you. In order to make these cases we need to have the actual item in our shop.

You can see more of our custom leather work by viewing our photo galleries. We have pictures submitted to us by our customers as well as photos we have taken of some of our unique custom leather products. They include hood straps for antique cars, costumes accessories, props for movies, compass cases etc.

For custom leather work for products not shown on our online store, we suggest you visit us at 88 Woodlawn Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and ask for Jamie (1-902-434-9721). We have been doing custom leather work since 1975 and still have the same excitement and satisfaction in crafting an unique quality leather product for our customers as the first day we started.Shown below are photos to give you an idea of the type of custom leather work that we are capable of doing. These are one of a kind items that have to be quoted individually for each custom job.
Custom Straps For Antique Automobiles

We have had lots of requests for leather pieces on antique cars such as leather engine bonnet straps, leather mud flaps and leather handles.
Custom Leather Tool Cases

Many people bring tools to our custom leather shop to have a case made for movie battery packs, meter cases and specialty trade tools.
Leather Seats For Antique Rocking Chairs

These seats have a round hole in the seat of the rocking chair.  Often the original seat has been worn through and needs to be replaced.  We have made the leather seats out of a heavy firm leather and decorate it with a simple design but you have to install it yourself with upholstery tacks.
Reenactment Belts, Pouches, Straps

We have made many pieces of leather reenactment products in the past for events and historical sites.  Quite a bit of work in the past was done for the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo.  Some pieces made are very authentic with the customer supplying us with special custom cast brass parts and period correct tanned leather.  For other pieces, we use our own leather and match the original as closely as possible.  For shows, sometimes pieces are made to look real when viewed by the audience from a long distance but are not functional to keep costs down.
Custom Order Production Runs

If you have a small product that you need done in quantities, we might be able to produce it for you.  Although they were not in our line of regularly produced items, we have had special requests in the past for leather microphone holders for uniforms, leather rings die cut by us and cemented into solid brass coasters supplied by the customer, gas card holders for trucking companies, leather company labels for woodwork products.  In this picture, a customer supplied us with custom cast money clips to be implemented into a production run of custom made leather credit card holders.
Television & Movie Props

We custom make leather props for film, television, movie and advertisements.  Our custom leather work and supplies have been used in such films as The Scarlett Letter, Lizzie Borden, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Trudeau Film, Jesse Stone, Lexx, Pit Pony, Sybil remake, TV Series Haven and more.  Some of our custom work has been used as props in advertisements such as for the Nova Scotia Credit Union.