Currency Conversion

All prices on our website default to Canadian currency. If you are ordering from a country other than Canada, click the currency converter near the top of our web page (left of the shopping cart icon) to choose the country's currency you want listed.  This will change prices throughout the website to this new currency until you choose another currency.  This is an estimated conversion price for that currency chosen based on daily exchange rates and is meant as a reference only.

If you are in a country that has one of our currency options, your country's IP address may be recognized and the prices on our website may automatically convert and display in your courntry's currency.  As previously mentioned, this is an estimated conversion price based on daily exchange rates.

Your credit card will actually be charged in Canadian currency for the leather products you bought. Exchange rates can vary slightly throughout the day and between financial institutions. Your credit card company will convert the Canadian currency price to your own currency on your credit card bill.

Some banks and credit card companies may also charge a small currency conversion fee or transaction fee.