C.S. Osborne Leather Working Hammer

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Weight: 464.0 Grams
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This leather working hammer is popular with the pocket book, belt, shoe, luggage, saddle, and small leather goods industry. Forged steel. Rounded, polished face to prevent marring of leather. Hickory handle. Made by C.S. Osborne in the USA.

The leather working hammer is used daily in leather shops for tapping two pieces of leather together to adhere the contact cement that is on both leather surfaces. Rapid rivets and double cap rivets are often set by tapping them together with this hammer as opposed to using a rivet setter. Leather folds and braided lace are tapped flat with the leather working hammer.  In shoe work, this CS Osborne leather working hammer is great for peening leather layerson the sole and heel, adhering the leather half sole and full sole after glueing, setting heel nails, smoothing leather, and hammering seams.

In the video below, see the many uses of a CS Osborne Leather Working hammer for doing leathercraft, shoe repair and shoe making.