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Craftplus Two Prong French Style Pricking Iron

CAD $74.09
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Weight: 70.0 Grams
SKU: SLT-88903-02
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Two Prong French style pricking iron with sharp blades for leather crafting by Craftplus®. The leather working pricking iron is used to mark your stitches in a beautifully, equally spaced line. This gives the guide for a hand awl to make the thicker leather. This pricking iron pierces through leather with little effort, leaving clear slits in the leather for hand stitching. The result will allow you make a refined slanted saddle stitch. It is best to protect the blades of your pricking iron by placing a poly cutting board under your leather.

Heat treated stainless steel for durability when leather crafting.
Style: 2 prong.
Size (Spacing): 3.0mm (1/8 inch).
2mm (5/64 inch) blade.