Strap Cutter

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Weight: 252.0 Grams
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The strap cutter leather tool is a must for any new leather crafters that need to cut strips of leather for items such as dog collars, belts, leashes etc. The amount of time saved to cut leather straps from a hide compared to cutting them with a utility knife and straight edge is amazing. It is easy to use with simple adjustments for the width and thickness of leather.

First you must make the hide straight by marking a straight line along a straight edge and then cutting it with a utility knife.  Now you will have a straight edge to run your strap cutter tool along to make easy staight straps. Each strap cut will leave another straight edge on the hide to cut the next strap from.  This leather tools will only work on firm leathers such as vegetable tanned leather and firm chrome tanned leathers as opposed to garment/bag leathers.

View the following short leather craft video on how to use wooden strap cutters: