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The Original Stitching Horse

CAD $109.29
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Weight: 1,120.0 Grams
SKU: SLT-3133-00
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Whether you are stitching or lacing, this stitching horse can offer you a helping hand. Heavy duty and dependable, this stitching horse has leather covered jaws to prevent scarring of your projects.The long base provides ample and comfortable space to sit on or to clamp it to a workbench. The stand swivels to provide best working angle by simply loosening and tightening the wingnut. 

This stitching horse model features a wooden "turn key" that requires little effort to hold and release your leather project. Just twist the wooden turn key to put pressure to open the jaws to release your leather. Twist the wooden turn key more to allow the jaws to spring shut. A wingnut on the jaws also determines the tension of the jaws.

Width of leather covered jaws: 5.7 cm (2-1/4 inches)
Width of base: 9.7cm (3-13/16 inches)
Length of base: 42.2 cm (16-5/8 inches)
Horse height: 36.5 cm (14-3/8 inches)