Black Non-Locking Slider #8 YKK

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Weight: 8.5 Grams
SKU: ZS1-3
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Black YKK non-locking slider for #8 YKK nylon coil zipper. A non-locking zipper slider does not have a small pin lock mechanism in it that keeps the slider in place unless the slider's tab is pulled which releases the lock pin. Non locking sliders are normally used on on bags and purses to easily open pockets and compartments. On a nylon coil zipper, you can have two non-locking sliders pointing in opposite directions so you can open the zipper in both directions. These black #8 sliders are meant to be used with our #8 YKK nylon coil zipper.

The YKK Group has been producing reliable zipper sliders since 1934. YKK zippers are considered to be the best zippers due to being incredibly dependable. Roughly half of the zippers and zipper sliders in the world are made by YKK since garment and leather goods producers prefer their solid strong zippers and pulls.