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Diamond Stitching Chisel 4mm 2 Prong

CAD $12.19
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Weight: 20.0 Grams
SKU: SLT-CCT3200-01
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This 2 prong diamond stitching chisel makes two slots in your leather simialar to what a diamond point awl does to enable you to do proper hand sewing. Punching 2 slots at one time saves you time and allows you to evenly line up slots. Punching two slots instead of a larger number of slots allows you to more evenly follow curves. The actual distance from the center of diamond point to the center of the next point on this leather craft tool is approximately 4 mm or 5/32 inches. Each fork is 2 mm wide with a 2mm distance in-between the forks. The knurled handle provides a nonslip grip. The diamond stitching chisel properly lines the slits parallel to each other and at an angle from the edge of the leather for maximum sewing strength.

Use diamond stitching tools with a Poundo Board or Poly Cutting Board or piece of scrap leather underneath your leather project as a cutting pad. Doing so will make the diamond points last longer and also protect your work table.