Keen Edge Beveler Size 3

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Weight: 36.0 Grams
SKU: TPC-8077-03
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The keen edge beveler tool comes in various sizes.  The higher the number the more leather is removed from the edge of the leather.  Taking the corner off the edge the leather gives a much more finished edge to your leather product.

We stock two styles of beveler leather craft tools. The common edge beveler has shorter straighter toes than the keen edge beveler.  The keen edge beveler is concave under the toes where as the common edge beveler is flat.

Both beveler tool styles work great.  However, you might find the common edge beveler better for getting into tighter corners or inside curves since the toes are shorter.  It may be slightly easier for the keen edge beveler to follow long straight lines since the concave section under the long toes helps guide it a bit easier.