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Small Rapid Rivets pkg of 50

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Weight: 14.0 Grams
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The small rapid rivet is shown on the far left in the product image of different rivet sizes. The small rapid rapid rivets are ideal for fastening two layers of 3-4 oz leather or a combined thickness of about 1/8 inch. Use the small rivet setter to set this small size rapid rivet or just flatten it with a metal hammer on an anvil.

Following is a leather craft video showing how to set rapid rivets and double cap rivets in leather. Although the procedure is the same for different size rivets, the cap size may vary requiring a wider or narrower setter. The mini anvil also makes a great work surface as opposed to using a large homemade anvil shown in the video.

Gold or Silver
Post Height:
8/32 inch
Cap Diameter:
7/32 inch