Tubular Rivets Solid Brass 8/16" pkg of 100

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Weight: 104.0 Grams
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These solid brass rivets are made for more industrial applications such as tool pouches, carpenter pouches, dog collars etc. The metal in these tubular rivets is much thicker than that of rapid rivets and double cap rivets.  This thicker metal is what makes these tubular rivets stronger for industrial applications.

First punch a hole in your leather which allow the post of the tubular rivet to pass through. Choose a tubular rivet that sticks through your leather so that about 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch sits above the leather thickness.  Put the cap side down on a metal anvil or solid metal surface so that the open tube is facing upwards.  Take a tubular rivet peening tool and put the end of this setter on top of the tubular rivet post that is sticking up.  Strike the setter with a hammer several times so that the tube splits apart into a number of legs in a star burst shape to hold the leather. If your tubular rivet is too long, you can use up some of the space with a leather or metal washer.  A metal washer also adds extra strength so the star burst set can't pull through the leather.  You can also flatten the starburst set by tapping it lightly with a metal hammer if you wish.

Post Height Above Base Approximately 8/16 inch
Post Diameter:
Approx. 1/8 inch
Base Diameter:
Approx. 5/16 inch