Multifunction Dog Leash 1" wide

CAD $119.98
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Weight: 318.0 Grams
SKU: DL1-17-B
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The Multifunction Leather Dog Leash has a double snap system at each end of the leash.  You have one leash clip to snap to the dog's collar and a second leash clip at the handle.  The leash clip at the handle can be snapped to a D ring near the end of the leash so that it looks like a standard 6 foot leash.  If you want a shorter leash, you can snap it to a D ring near the other end which will make a very short leash.  It can also be used as a temporary choker collar by attching the clip to the floating O ring.  Available in a variety of colors.  Check out some of our other custom designed leashes and dog collars in our video.